Having recently purchased a Sony DCR-PC110e digital video camera, I decided to set up a small website devoted to the subject of desktop video production.

My initial content for "DTV" is in the form of a review of the PC110e from my perspective as a long-time photographer and budding videographer.  

Updated 17 May 2001:
A short article to compare results from various wide angle lens attachments, with special interest in the 'High Grade' Sony model.

Updated 11 August 2001:
Want to see inside your Sony? Just a few webcam snaps and a short piece about the PC110's potentially sticky zoom slider.

As well, I have set up a forum where I have started several topics relating to the camera and it's use with a PC. I am on a learning curve with digital video and invite others to join me in working out the details.

Visit the DTV Forum.
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My long-running desktop music site and home of the Desktop Music Mailing list "DTM" is alive and well, also has a section in the new forum and can be visited by clicking the logo.



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